Who we are

Our Campus

The American School of Vitoria is located at the old gymnasium of the traditional Álvares Cabral club, close to the main neighborhoods of Vitoria. The structure was recently renovated to suit international standards and the needs of our students.

The school was designed to expand the limits of learning beyond the classroom. All spaces promote knowledge, encourage exploration, play, and stimulate the cognitive, social, emotional, linguistic, and physical development of each student.


We have a gymnasium with an official size sports court and bleachers, that provides a place for interaction between students, staff, and families. In addition to Physical Education, recreation, and afterschool activities, this is the stage for sports competitions, collective presentations, and ceremonies.


We have a space for organic planting, in our green area. In this environment, we developed a project called “Sustainable Garden”, where children experience the entire universe of planting, care, harvesting and consumption of fresh food, toys and which will be used in the planning of the menu and consumed at meals.

The relationship with food changes when the student discovers that he is eating a food that he has planted and cared for. That’s awesome!

Brunela Faccini

Learning Common

Learning Common EAV is a modern concept of space that goes beyond a simple school library. With a vast collection and designed to be multifunctional, the space promotes the fascination for reading, the construction of critical thinking and the sharing of ideas on a daily basis.

Maker Space

To encourage creativity and introduce our students to the “do it yourself” movement, we have Maker Space, a space to get your hands dirty and live the creation experience.


Here at EAV we have the Playground, a place where children have their recreations and breaks.


Our Refectory is equipped with all the necessary equipment so that our students can make meals in an easy, healthy and safe way.