Who we are

Our Campus

The American School of Vitoria is located at the old gymnasium of the traditional Álvares Cabral Club, close to the main neighborhoods of Vitoria. The structure was recently renovated to meet international standards and the needs of our students.

The school was designed to expand the limits of learning beyond the classroom. All spaces promote cognitive development, encourage exploration and play, and stimulate social, emotional, linguistic, and physical development of each student.


We have a gymnasium with an official size sports court and bleachers that provides a place for interaction between students, staff, and families. In addition to physical education, recreation, and afterschool activities this is the stage for sports competitions, collective presentations, and ceremonies.


In our green area we have a space for organic planting. In this environment, we developed a project called “Sustainable Garden,” where children experience the entire universe of planting, plant care, harvesting and consumption of fresh food. Students will also plan menus to be consumed at the school cafeteria.

The relationship with food changes when the student discovers that he is eating a food that he has planted and cared for.

Brunela Faccini

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons mission of the Escola Americana of Vitória (EAV) is to promote the mediation of information and the training of readers, daily, through various pedagogical programs and cultural actions. The environment is designed to assist regularly enrolled students, faculty members, employees and the entire school community with the vision of developing citizens who are prepared for the challenges of an increasingly globalized world. The values of Learning Commons include encouraging culture by awakening in all users the pleasure of reading, critical reflective thinking and research skills, in order to use information in an ethical and responsible way throughout life.

CATALOG: the full catalog is available HERE.

Maker Space

To encourage creativity and introduce our students to the “do it yourself” movement, we have a Maker Space, to get your hands dirty and live the creative experience.


Here at EAV we have a Playground, a place where children enjoy their recess activities.


Our Cafeteria is equipped with all the necessary equipment so that our students can eat their meals in a healthy and safe way.