Pedagogical Proposal

Educational Objectives

American School students develop fundamental skills in the area of ​​understanding and analyzing texts in English and Portuguese, numerical fluency for applications in mathematics, communication principles and creative activities. The skills developed seek to train critical thinkers, able to effectively share their information, in addition to shaping the personal aesthetic of each student. Graduates at Escola Americana will be prepared to enter higher education institutions in Brazil, the United States and the world.

The American School is dedicated to exposing students to a global learning context, preparing them in several languages, with a broad cultural understanding that will allow them to confidently enter a globalized market. Language proficiency and an understanding of different cultural structures allow progression in an increasingly connected world.

The American School inspires in young people a constant motivation for the pursuit of excellence in personal development, whether as a pianist, scientist, athlete or author of a play, creator of an NGO or inventor of a new product. We also recognize the importance of forming positive and productive members of the community, future citizens who will promote new ideas, advocate new ways of bringing people together and new commitments to make the world a safer, more sustainable and happier place for future generations.