Who we are

Directors’ Messages

Americo Buaiz, President – Mariana Buaiz, Vice-president – Luciano Gani, Director

The formation of conscientious citizens with the capacity to transform the world is what moves us. The American School of Vitória is the result of a very cherished dream that is becoming a reality before everyone’s eyes. Our mission is to provide children and adolescents with an environment of discovery; to be a stimulating protagonist and entrepreneur in their own lives. More than reading, writing, and mastering languages, we want our students to develop the skills they need to create their own opportunities for personal growth. We want learning to produce students that are inventive, bold, and have knowledge about themselves and the world.

Best regards,

Américo Buaiz

“I am an education enthusiast. The American School of Vitória is a transformative project, whose objective is to contribute to the construction of an entrepreneurial, fraternal, and civil society. Our challenge is to create the necessary opportunities for each child and adolescent to have the tools to achieve intellectual fulfillment and to positively experience the stages of human development. I dedicate myself to this mission and I am very proud to be part of this academic community.”

With love,

Mariana Buaiz

“I am a Brazilian and American citizen. While living in the United States, the dream emerged to return to Brazil and contribute to the development of my homeland. Believing that education has the power to transform realities, the idea was born to bring the concept of an American school to Vitória. The idealized project is for learning to be a protagonist in the formation of citizens of the world: resilient, ethical, creative, eager in search for knowledge, where students leverage their skills to improve their world and the life experiences of those around them. The American School of Vitória is now a reality that is part of the lives of a growing number of families. And I truly feel enormous pride and happiness for being at the forefront of this mission.”

All the best,

Luciano Gani