What we offer

the Vitoria community

  • A rigorous, internationally-enriched, American-based curriculum serving to engage our students in the life-long pursuit of learning.
  • Experienced, well-trained educators developing and delivering the academic program.
  • A nurturing and caring school climate defined by high expectations for academic performance and social behavior.
  • Relevant and meaningful learning experiences promoting curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, self-management, and effective communication.
  • A holistic view of learning that fosters each student’s talents, skills, and interests so they can develop a passion for learning about themselves and their world.
  • A strong sense of community where families are connected by the school and meet for social activities.
  • We prepare students to be global, well-rounded individuals who develop an array of skills and knowledge.
  • Constant monitoring and documenting of student progress to fully understand each student’s learning style to develop strengths and support work in areas of opportunity.
  • Our students are expected to develop high levels of English language proficiency.
  • Our teachers enhance every aspect of student learning through a variety of teaching and assessment practices to support a range of learning styles and needs.
  • We make sure our teachers remain up-to-date with best research based practices by promoting professional learning ensuring our classrooms are engaging, interactive, and focused on what students are doing.
  • Parents receive regular and ongoing communication from the school in the form of narrative and image based reports on their children’s activities.

English by immersion

The American School of Vitoria is a bilingual school. English is taught in a dual immersion setting from the earliest grades. A bilingual education contributes to the cognitive development of children and enhances executive function skills. Learning in a dual immersion setting is effective and promotes high levels of proficiency.

With an educational commitment to stimulate your your child’s ability to read and analyze texts in English and Portuguese, numerical fluency to solve mathematical problems, in addition to communication, critical thinking and creativity, the American School of Vitoria prepares children for higher education in Brazil, the United States and the world, offering a dual diploma: Brazilian and American. We opened with Preschool and our expansion plans  include Elementary, Middle and High School.


in the classroom

The presence and utilization of technological resources in the classroom is one of the differentials of the American School of Vitoria. Starting with Preschool, students are exposed to computational thinking as part of the curriculum. Students learn the basic concepts of programming so that they can acquire digital fluency in the future.

During class, students work with Cubetto, a friendly wooden robot that helps teach basic programming in a concrete way. Students learn mathematics and logic , problem solving strategies, project creation and communication skills.

At the American School of Vitoria the physical space was thoughtfully  planned out to promote learning. Here your child will study in large and welcoming classrooms with materials that will stimulate development. All spaces were designed to stimulate exploration, play and the cognitive, social, emotional, linguistic and physical development of each student.