About us

The American School of Vitoria is a modern constructivist institution with an innovative approach to education which aims to develop your child’s potential through a rich, personalized academic program.

Our goal is to integrate real world experiences to the classroom setting preparing capable  citizens that will be able to navigate an increasingly complex and  interconnected world and prepare them for jobs that don’t exist yet.

Our students are protagonists in their own learning. They will experience both collaborative and independent learning environments through project based interdisciplinary work that stimulates creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, self-directed learning and efficient communication.

About the School

The American school of Vitoria, actively involves students in intellectual investigation and personal development.  Students are immersed in collaborative and autonomous learning experiences based on interdisciplinary projects while developing critical and creative thinking.

At EAV, your child’s social and emotional well-being will be nurtured while we continuously strive to stimulate and grow their cognitive capacity. Each student’s developmental rhythm is respected and forms the basis for creating an environment where a child’s individual characteristics and traits are made visible, discussed and serve to shape the learning process.

We believe that education and values are inextricably linked. Our academic program integrates classroom and real world learning. Our school culture is defined by exemplary teaching practices, extraordinary teachers and collaboration to build a community dedicated to excellence in education.

We seek to know our students and challenge them to extend their learning, pursue passions and productively participate in a community. By pursuing their individual interests, our students develop resilience, augment their inner drive, assume high levels of self-reliance, and are genuine and compassionate learners.

EAV was created for families who are committed to developing their child’s full potential through an enriching, personalized, academic program where students are inspired to challenge themselves, reflect on their learning and define the impact they want to have on the greater community.

We believe an EAV education will engage students in a personal journey to define their interests, prepare them to meet and overcome challenges and open them up to a world of adventures. We want to motivate all students to take risks and try new experiences, as an avenue to establish their independence and commit to their own personal fulfillment.

The best way to understand who we are is to visit with us so we can discuss how we engage, challenge, and support each young person in a holistic and productive life of learning.

Educational Objectives

An educational institution dedicated to excellence is committed to the following items:

EAV students will develop fundamental core academic skills in the area of critical reading comprehension in English and Portuguese, number fluency for complex mathematical understanding and application, communication principles to select the most effective means to transmit and share information, and creative pursuits to design a personal aesthetic to shape their exploration of life. EAV graduates will be prepared for entry into higher education opportunities in Brazil, the United States and the world.

EAV is dedicated to exposing students to a global learning context, preparing students in multiple languages and broad cultural understanding allowing students to confidently enter into a globalized marketplace where language proficiency and an understanding of different cultural frameworks permit students to successfully negotiate a world becoming increasingly interconnected.  We are well aware of the interest of institutions of higher education throughout the world to attract students who are exposed to and developed an interest in a diversity of areas as well as students who possess a strong ethical framework, EAV instills in young people a motivation to search for excellence in personal development, whether that is playing the piano, being a defensive minded sweeper on the soccer pitch, writing a one act play, creating a non-profit social organization or designing a new product. We also recognize the importance of forming positive and productive community members, future citizens who will promote new ideas, champion new ways to bring people together and new commitments to make the world a safer, more sustainable and happier place for future generations.

Being an EAV students leads to a life committed to learning.

Pedagogical Team

The first American School in Espirito Santo, Escola Americana de Vitoria rigorously follows the pedagogical model of other American Schools in the country. Our pedagogical team is composed of highly qualified experienced administrators and  collaborators, native Americans or those proficient in English who have worked in international institutions both in Brazil and abroad.

Andrew Sherman

Founder and CEO of Gamut Education

Interim Head of School at GEMS World Academy Chicago and former director of international schools in Mexico, Ecuador, and Brazil. Focus: Educational leadership, facilities development, organizational structure, learning innovation and strategic planning. Founder and CEO of Gamut Education. Andrew holds an advanced degree in International Education from Harvard University. Andrew is highly involved in school improvements throughout Latin America. He is an Accreditation Consultant, Leader of Quality Assurance Review Teams, and former Vice Chair of the Committee on International Schools of AdvancED. He has also served as board member of the Texas Alliance for Accredited Private Schools, education advisor to Tomas de Berlanga experimental school in the Galápagos Islands and has participated in a number of Mexico City based civic associations. He has recently been appointed to the Advisory Council of a school for gifted children in Chicago and became a member of Remake Learning, furthering teacher empowerment and student voice for more engaged classrooms.

Andrea Buffara

Director and co-founder

Founder and COO of Gamut Education that designs educational programs and learning spaces in Latin America following a project based, learner centric format. She has held administrative and teaching roles in a 20 year career at International Schools in Brazil. She is a former Middle and High School Principal at Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro and was a Learning Specialist at both EARJ and Graded School in São Paulo, Brazil. She holds a BA from Barnard College/Columbia University, a M.Sc. in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science and an ED.M from Teacher’s College/Columbia University in Education Leadership. Andrea has always worked as a change agent to improve teacher practices and student outcomes by helping teachers become more effective instructional coaches.

Junior Cardoso

Administrative Director and Founder

Junior has occupied Administrative roles in multinationals over a career spanning 15 years. Holds a BA in International Business acquired in New York where he resided for 10 years. Holds an MBA from Fundacao Getulio Vargas. Throughout his career he occupied administrative roles in various different segments. Founded a language training program for multinationals in the format of “ in company” accredited by Cambridge University Press. Always innovating and accompanying global changes.

Priscilla Odinmah


Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education Studies from Middlebury College in Vermont. It was there that she discovered her calling to teach and work with children of all ages. She has just completed two years as an English Teaching Assistant for the U.S. Fulbright Program in Recife and Fortaleza. Priscilla enjoys creative pursuits through music and song. Her pedagogical beliefs can be summed by a Paulo Freire quote: ``Education does not transform the world. Education changes people, and people transform the world``.

Lívia Melina Pinheiro


Livia was born in Vitoria and studied at Golders Green College in London in 2010 where she had direct contact with the English language, habits and customs, and overall culture of the country. She acquired a BA in English Language and Literacy from UFES in 2016 and participated in a research related to a program called “ Inglês Sem Fronteiras” (IsF) and another one called “Ciências sem Fronteiras” (CsF). In 2017 she acquired a Pedagogy Degree and a Master degree the following year from UFES, where she studies national linguistic policies and the role of education in the teaching of languages in Brazil.

Kellen Fontana Guimarães

Portuguese Teacher

Kellen holds a BA in Pedagogy and has been working in private elementary schools in Vitória since 2011 and holds a postgraduate degree in Clinical and Institutional Psychology from Iguaçu University, Rio de Janeiro. Kellen is a specialist in Psychopedagogy, with a focus on learning difficulties, syndromes and disorders. Nowadays, through further specialization in Neuropsychology by the Censupeg Faculty in São Fidelis, Rio de Janeiro, she aims to improve her teaching techniques and clinical practice by studying the functioning of the brain and how one can provide efficient pedagogical strategies that stimulate the development of new knowledge. At the American School of Vitória, Kellen will work on literacy in the Portuguese language, always aligned to the American curriculum.

Lorenna Vieira Freire

Collaborating Teacher

Lorenna holds a BA in Production Engineering from FAESA and is currently undergoing Teacher Training in Math alongside a post-graduate studies in Early Childhood Education. Lorenna’s language skills improved during her study abroad. In addition, Lorenna seeks constant training, motivated by her goal to build a solid and respected pedagogical career through which she hopes to help students get well prepared for life.

Sarah Giulian

Collaborating Teacher

Sarah holds a BA in English Language and Literacy from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES), where she participated and conducted research on Critical and Visual Literacy. Sarah was selected by the State Department of Education of Espírito Santo to participate in an exchange program in New Zealand, where she had direct contact with the English language, daily life and culture. Sarah returned to Brazil with a keen interest in taking part in the process of socio-cultural and critical development in Education, therefore she is currently enrolled in a post-graduate course in Early Childhood Education, always aiming to learn more, as well as improve her classroom practices.

Rebeca Loyola

Lead Teacher

Rebeca holds a BA in English Language and Literacy from Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES) and has been working since 2011 in bilingual contexts and also in English as a Second Language (ESL) schools. She also has an international certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from Boston Language School and has experienced multicultural backgrounds. She has an ambition to continue her studies in Early Childhood Education and continuously expand her knowledge in teaching.

Tara Neves

Lead Teacher

Originally from Cambridge, MA, USA, Tara has worked for two years as a Lead Teacher of her own classroom at Cambridge Preschool of the Arts, as well as leading their Reggio based art program for all ages. She holds a Masters in Digital Media from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a Bachelor of Arts from University of Vermont specializing in Fine Arts and Film Studies. She has completed several hours of professional development towards her Reggio training, including seminars on Conscious Discipline, and using the Classroom Environment as the Third Teacher,

Tara finds the most joy in teaching from seeing how every child finds a different way to express themselves and she loves encouraging the growth of very young minds through various kinds of sensory and artistic stimulation. She is very passionate about allowing children to show her where their individual interests and strengths lie, and than using creative ways to introduce both traditional and creative materials to discover where each child will take each process. Through growing along with her students and the families in her classroom, she finds the rewards of teaching to be truly limitless.

``Learning and teaching should not stand on opposite banks and just watch the river flow by; instead, they should embark together on a journey down the water. Through an active, reciprocal exchange, teaching can strengthen learning how to learn``

- Loris Malaguzzi

Bianca Nunes

Yoga teacher

Bianca is a Hatha Yoga and Yoga for a Special Child teacher. Bianca works with children since 2016 teaching children and adolescents to relax, meditate, appreciate silence, take care of themselves and others and calm their body and mind.

Francine Sant’Ana Faé

Admissions e Marketing

Born in Vitoria, Francine graduated from high school with honors in Italian and Spanish at Brillantmont International Boarding School in Switzerland. During this immersion program, she perfected her English and developed a great interest for international relations and foreign languages. She opted to continue her higher education abroad. She graduated in 2011 with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Finance and French from Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland. Upon her return to Brazil she took over the financial administration of the family business.

Evandro Medeiros

Atendimento e Recepção

Born in Colatina, ES, Evandro has technical background in data processing, technology and digital security. He holds technical qualifications from SENAC-ES in reception and security. He has previous experience working in a bilingual environment as he worked for one year at Centro Educacional Leonardo Da Vinci and for almost 10 years coordinated a Telecentro Unit (space devoted to digital inclusion) in Vitoria and Vila Velha.

Isabella Tessari


Isabella was born in Vitória and graduated in Business Administration at Fucape, in 2018. While completing her undergraduate studies, she produced an undergrad research article and presented at the Anpcont, in 2014. Isabella was an intern for two years at Vale, firsthand experiencing the operation of a large company. After graduation, she worked at the reception of the Vale Medical Center, gaining thus the experience to engage at the reception of the American School of Vitória. Isabella is currently deepening her knowledge of the English language.

Evelyn Pinheiro

Community Relations Coordinator

Borned in Vitória, Evelyn holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Espirito Santo, where she also completed her Master’s degree by furthering her studies in the field of Art Sociology. She complemented studies in Philosophy of Education, also at UFES, and graduated from The Science of Well Being by Yale. While studying in the field of education and human emotions, Evelyn believes that stabling a relationship of please and happiness with leaning is the path to a formation, not only academicly, but social, emotional and behavioral of every individual. With an extensive experience in teaching the English Language and being a pedagogical coordinator in language schools, Evelyn will complete her Pedagogy degree in 2019.

Mariana Favero

Collaborating Teacher